Talk to Trumpsters – Watch the Witch – Vote for Integral! [engl.]

Hey folks, here’s what’s cooking on this week’s Daily Evolver podcast:

  1. Sarah Silverman, George Lakoff, Vox, & David Brooks try to talk to Trumpsters (00:16) — In the wake of the Trump election, many progressives are realizing that one way forward is to reach out to their political opponents, at least to establish a basic human connection. In this episode I look at four recent attempts to do that: by comedian Sarah Silverman, philosopher George Lakoff, Vox political correspondent Liz Plank and New York Times columnist David Brooks.
  2. “The Witch”: an Integral horror show (39:12)— In this segment I review my new favorite horror film: “The Witch: A New England Folktale”. Created by young filmmaker Robert Eggers, it feels like something new in the genre, not only in how it was made, but it also in terms of where it takes the viewer. I nominate it for consideration as a work of integral art — as well as for your Halloween horror movie weekend (but watch it with the subtitles).
  3. It’s election time again. Vote for Integral! (1:05:21)— In a political system that is so polarized and seemingly rife with conflict between irreconcilable views, here’s how to make more integrally-informed voting choices.
Jeff Salzman
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