Terror Today – Feeling Integral – Mean Green Fever Dream [engl.]

In this episode: An Integral Response To Terror in the 21st Century, The Art of Being Unique But Not Special  and Mean Green Fever Dream: Climate Urgency Vs. Alarmism.

  1. An Integral Response To Terror in the 21st Century (00:16)
    The end of ISIS as an occupying army is official with the fall of Raqqa, Syria two weeks ago. ISIS’s defeat was never in question: holy warriors led by God were never a match for the Goliath of modernity. But ISIS lives on in the minds and hearts of its true believers, some of whom would be oh so happy to take jihad to the Great Satan using modern weapons they could never themselves create. This time in New York it was a truck. Next time it could be much, much worse. How should modernity fight back now?
  2. The Art of Being Unique But Not Special (25:20)
    In this episode I took a look at a paradoxical move in vertical development: where we embrace our own radical uniqueness and express it in relation to other beings who are also utterly unique. It’s a new and more vivid integration of the individual and collective realms of reality, and out of it emerges a possibility for a more fruitful, happy and fulfilling life. Once again we are helped out by Sarah Silverman!
  3. Mean Green Fever Dream: Climate Urgency Vs. Alarmism (41:22)
    Climate change is one of the most difficult and complex problems the globe is facing right now — one that requires a certain degree of development to even perceive, yet poses a potential existential threat to billions of people across the planet. And yet, it has proven very difficult to create the political will within the United States to actually do something about it — largely because of the ways many environmentalists try to bring attention to the issue, which often comes across more like an apocalyptic religion than a still-maturing science. When trying to communicate about climate change and sustainable initiatives, how can we find a way to convey the tremendous urgency of the problem without falling into the sort of overwrought alarmism that only ends up tuning people out of the conversation?
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