Krishnamurti über Bewusstseinswandel in Zeiten disruptiver Technologien

“What is going to happen in the future? Man has turned his mind towards perfecting more and more technology – computers, better instruments of war, better communication, better means of killing another human being, and so on. His consciousness has moved towards greater technology – right? He’s given his energy in that direction. Our brains are becoming more and more technologically minded, gadgets. We’re not saying you shouldn’t have that, we’re saying that it’s inevitable, that’s what’s happening.


And man has given very little time, energy, thought, in any other direction. He doesn’t say: I am going to find out for myself what I am, why I behave like this, what is beyond all this? We have not given that equal energy or time or vitality to enquire within ourselves, what we are. Is there anything ultimate, beyond all sorrow? Is there any existence without cause? The enquiry of something far greater than all technology, all human thought. You see the picture?


Not in opposition, not as a reaction to that, but man cannot live on technology alone, and its products. One has to go into something that is immeasurable. Please see the actuality of all this.


Suppose you give your time, energy, your capacities, to real enquiry, not accepting belief and all that childish stuff, but deeply enquiring. Enquiry is different from analysis. Enquiry is to observe and pursue that observation. So when one human being does this, you may add to the whole human consciousness a certain quality to it. And if there are a thousand people who are concerned with this, not forming a group and all that kind of silly stuff, but actually giving your whole life to this, then you are adding to the human consciousness a quality of something beyond all words, beyond all thought, beyond all conclusions, something eternal.”


Excerpt from 1st Public Talk in Brockwood Park, 1982
by Krishnamurti

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