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Genpo Roshi (Big Mind Process) [engl.]

Genpo Roshi is a Zen Master and Creator of the Big-Mind Process.The Big Mind process comes out of both Western psychotherapy and the Eastern Zen tradition, a twenty-six hundred year old teaching of self-realisation.

The Big Mind technique is a powerful and rapid way to help a person shift perspective and realize the wisdom and compassion that is within us all. I had a powerful and honest conversation with the great Genpo Roshi here in Mallorca, which I am very happy to be able to share with you. The conversation revolves around his 45 year journey as well as the personal events, which led to his fall in 2011.

Topics of the conversations include:

  • 5:00 Spontaneous enlightenment, his beginnings
  • 30:00: Being a Zen Master now an then
  • 40:oo Dropping the identification with Zen
  • 45:00 Falling into the Abyss (2007)
  • 50:00 5 Years of integration work
  • 1h:00 Guilt vs Innocence
  • 1h:15 We have to fail
  • 1h:25 the great inner architect
  • 1h:30 Big Mind Big Heart

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